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Airwallex is a financial technology company that offers integrated solutions for personal and business cross-border transactions.

Our product is in beta and currently allows users to issue and pay international invoices. We have a number of other features in development, including a multi-currency wallet and payment APIs, all of which will be released over the coming months.

Category: Fintech
Operational Status: Active
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Melbourne, VIC 3000

State: Victoria
Overseas Operations: No
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Annual Rank (top 100 ranked companies only): 33


    Featured in KPMG's Fintech100

    September, 2017

    Partnered with ComplyAdvantage to conduct real-time transaction screening for suspicious activities

    July, 2017

    Featured in CB Insights' Fintech 250


    January, 2018

    Received $8m investment from VC firm Square Peg

    May, 2017

    Raised $17.4m

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