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At AirBridge, the only thing more important than a strong internet connection is solid customer connections. We pride ourselves on our refreshing service focus, and consistently aim to stretch beyond "expected"​ to "impressive"​. We specialise in network integration, technology, and routing over long distances and at high speeds..

AirBridge services almost one third of Queensland's remote local governments and councils, connecting vital infrastructure in remote areas at an affordable price. Our major beneficiaries include agricultural workers, health care providers, airports and council libraries, as well as job seekers and anyone without home internet.

AirBridge technology is about connecting more people than previously thought possible, more quickly. We aim to deliver beyond what you expect, for a lower cost than previously thought possible. Our solution establishes a high speed connection from the source and shares it out to other locations, reducing connectivity costs and offering a unified user experience.

Boasting impressive reliability even in some of the world's harshest environments, our equipment is built to outlast time, outlive tough conditions, and outperform competing connectivity devices. We keep stock of everything we deploy so that we can issue replacements quickly, making reconnecting a breeze.

Even amidst technology revolutions, customer service still sits at the forefront of the AirBridge business. Our 24/7 monitoring platform allows us to see any kind of service fluctuation as it happens, eliminating lag time for solutions, reducing inconvenience, and boosting service quality tenfold.

All of our people have the same mindset; if the customer isn't happy, we'll move heaven and earth to change that. We'll replace the unit, address the problem, and eliminate your unnecessary stresses.

Connect with AirBridge and feel lighter.

Category: Telecom
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Year of Commencement: 2016

Cairns, Queensland AU

State: Queensland
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