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AgriDigital is an integrated commodity management solution for the global grains industry. We combine high end technical and industry expertise with beautiful design and intuitive workflows to provide seamless solutions to complex commodity, logistical, risk and customer management issues.

We are a global leader in software platforms designed to assist in the transaction and settlement of agricultural commodities and to manage supply chain risk. Through applied blockchain technologies, distributed ledgers and smart contracts, AgriDigital provides real time payment to growers, increased efficiencies for brokers, flexible supply chain for buyers and financiers, and paddock to plate transparency for consumers.

Category: Agritech, Fintech
Operational Status: Active
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Level 2, 50 Bridge Street Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia

State: New South Wales
Overseas Operations: No
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Annual Rank (top 100 ranked companies only): 100


    August, 2017

    Launched a blockchain pilot with CBH

    May, 2017

    Winner of FinTech Australia Finnies 2017: Female fintech leader of the year (Emma Weston)

    Winner of FinTech Australia Finnies 2017: Emerging fintech leader of the year

    Winner of FinTech Australia Finnies 2017: Excellence in blockchain and distributed ledger

    April, 2017

    Emma Weston named one of Top 25 Australia Fintech Influencers by


    February, 2018

    Raised $5.5m Series A round from Square Peg Capital and an undisclosed family office

    August, 2017

    Received $1m Accelerating Commercialisation grant

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