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Aglive has developed leading-edge evidence-based tracking and authentication technology that allows communities to be tracked through the food production value chain.

Tracing tainted food product back to its source has long been an issue for governments and consumers. Historical food traceability solutions have been low tech and inefficient in comparison to emerging technology solutions that are enabling transparency across the entire value chain.

Today's consumer wants to know intricate details about the food they eat, where was my food farmed? The breed of cattle, is this steak really Black Angus? Is my purchase genuine? Aglive can answer these questions and more. Aglive is a technology company who have developed a cloud based application that can trace livestock from the paddock to plate and record these details in the cloud. Aglive's solution begins with the farmers.

The application tracks the origin, residence and production inputs of each individual animal using a Geo-string, this means that the birth property and lifetime residence of individual animals or mobs and their production inputs can be pin pointed down to farm and paddock. The cloud based software records individual details for each animal including its birthdate, weight, genetics, physical location, diet and any vaccinations and drenches. The system also records whether or not the animal is mixing with other animals and can compare their individual details.

When an animal is ready to be processed all documented information is consolidate in an electronic vendor declaration (eNVD), essentially becoming the animal's certificate of authenticity. Key supply chain segments such as transporters, sale yards, stock agents and processors will use the system to enhance consumer goods manufacture and production.

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