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Our API suite helps delivery software platforms (B2P2C, P2C, etc) and medium to large fleet operators such as couriers, FMCG, retail, etc to access enterprise grade route optimization, depot optimization, and logistics diagnostics AI designed specifically for large scale, high-volume operations. Urbanization and the C-19 pandemic have driven huge increases in eCommerce, logistics, and last-mile deliveries. While fewer people are commuting, this has been offset by large increases in delivery vehicle traffic. Adiona is committed to reducing delivery costs and environmental impact simultaneously using our proprietary research-based AI. Adiona Solutions include AI Automated Process Mapping (AIPM) ingests complex logistics data sets and automatically benchmarks how products and services flow through operational systems, an advanced optimization API that automates and optimizes depot and route planning for parcel, product, and service depots and fleets, cost, time, and distance minimization for transport and delivery designed specifically for medium and large fleets, or scalable software platforms, and automated data mapping for rapid POC and integration with real customer data. Investors in Adiona include Telstra, BMW, and the Australian federal government. We've also been recognised with the 2020 Australian Research Council Grant with UNSW, 2019 Supply Chain and Logistics Assoc of AU Environmental Excellence Award, 2019 StartCon Pitch for $1M Winner, 2018 ACS Digital Disruptors Best New Disruptive Tech Platform, and 2018 AIIA iAwards Big Data Innovation of the Year.

Category: Transport & Logistics
Operational Status: Active
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Year of Commencement: 2017

105 Kippax St, Surry Hills, New South Wales 2010, AU

State: New South Wales
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