Capital Pitch Startup Investing Conference

Techboard has partnered with our friends at Capital Pitch with its upcoming Startup Investing Conference series in Sydney on 12 September and in Melbourne on 12 October. Read more about the Conference below.

Techboard will be bringing interviews to you from several of the speakers at that conference. You can see those interviews below or at the Techboard Interview page. 

Startup Investing Conference

CapitalPitch, a venture capital startup dedicated to connecting great founders with sophisticated investors, is hosting two Startup Investing Conferences, taking place in Sydney on the 12th of September, and Melbourne on the 12th of October.

This event will feature elite networking opportunities and exclusive presentations from professional investors such as Elaine Stead (Blue Sky) and Mark Maloney (Tulla), and technology industry leaders including Sam Cawthorn (Speakers Institute) and Catriona Wallace (Flamingo).

Put simply, this is going to be an unmissable day, that will give you an unfair advantage. There are only a very limited number of tickets still available. Book your tickets now to avoid missing out, as these conferences WILL SELL OUT.

Investing in ‘Good Humans’ – Dr. Elaine Stead speaks with Techboard about the future of Venture Capital in Australia

In his latest interview for Techboard Robin Block from MitchelLake sat down with Dr. Elaine Stead to understand the role she sees Blue Sky and herself playing in the future of Australian business.  Elaine is a builder of businesses and Head of Venture Capital at Blue Sky — a venture fund that is at the forefront of Australian Capital Investment.  Last year, Blue Sky secured the management of a $50 million venture fund for the South Australian government. The firm manages over $3 billion in investment across a number of industries.   Elaine is one of many high profile presenters who will be speaking at the upcoming Startup Investing Conference series brought to you by our friends at Capital Pitch in Sydney on 12 September and in Melbourne on 12 October. Read more about the Conference below.

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Bringing Innovation to Venture Capital: Techboard speaks with Jeremy Liddle

In his latest interview for Techboard Robin Block from MitchelLake speaks with Jeremy Liddle. Jeremy is an entrepreneurial problem solver. He co-founded CapitalPitch in 2014 to bring capital access to people looking to change the world. Founded in Australia, CapitalPitch is now poised to create a global platform capable of reinventing venture capital.  In this interview Jeremy explains how CapitalPitch is using a digital platform to change the way startups approach investment.

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