Wattwatchers creates special podcast for global Disruptive Innovation Festival

Company Name: Wattwatchers

Announcement Date: 24/11/2017
Announcement Category: Other
Announcement Content:

Wattwatchers has teamed up with the Renew Economy Energy Insiders podcast series to record a 'special session' for the global Disruptive Innovation Festival (hashtag #thinkdif).

The special podcast is called 'The Tech Nerd's User-Friendly Guide to Reinventing Electricity for Consumers' - and it went live at 11:00 GMT on November 23rd, 2017.

The link below to the DIF 2017 website will operate for about a month, and the podcast also is on SoundCloud (Energy Insiders).

Announcement URL: https://www.thinkdif.co/sessions/the-tech-nerds-user-friendly-guide-to-reinventing-electricity-for-consumers
About Wattwatchers:

Wattwatchers is an award-winning* Australian energy technology company focused on devices, data, analytics and communications to make behind-the-meter energy management ultra-smart, easy-to-install and cost-effective.

Key applications include:
- Enabling distributed energy resources - solar PV, energy storage systems, EV’s
- Behind-the-meter services and programs - consumer empowerment, demand response, energy efficiency, sub-metering, micro-grids, analytics
- Internet of Things for Energy - #IoT4energy

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