Velpic expands its distribution network in the US (ASX:VPC)

Company Name: Velpic

Announcement Date: 12/07/2017
Announcement Category: Contract/Partnership
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● Velpic continues its expansion in the US and establishes its first US based sales and service team located in New Hampshire, USA
● Velpic is partnering with MyCloudCure (MCC) to set up a dedicated Velpic sales and service team within MCC’s existing Managed IT services business
● MCC signs up two new clients to the Velpic eLearning platform in the first month of operations

Velpic Limited (ASX: VPC) (“Velpic” or “the Company”), as part of its geographic market expansion strategy, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership in North America with MyCloudCure (MCC), a Managed IT services business with significant experience in selling and supporting SaaS platforms. MCC is Velpic’s first authorised eLearning Partner in the US with a dedicated Velpic Sales & Support team located in New Hampshire.

Velpic has previously signed up US-based partnerships with ecosystem integration partners and marketplace platforms ADP and AppDirect. These partnerships, whilst highly strategic in nature, do not incorporate direct sales representation. The MCC partnership differs in that Velpic has dedicated sales and support staff at MCC selling Velpic’s eLearning platform to new customers and supporting existing US based customers.

The MCC partnership has immediately produced two new clients within the first month of operations. The first client is in the IT services industry and the second client is a professional education business looking to monetise their existing online training content via the Velpic platform.

Russell Francis, Chief Executive Officer, Velpic commented: “It has long been a strategy of Velpic to expand through partnerships. Mark and the team at MyCloudCure are exactly what we’ve been looking for. They know SaaS, they’re experts at selling SaaS and they recognise that Velpic is an exceptional industry leading platform that will help them transform their client’s businesses.”

Mark Constantino Jr, President & Co-CEO, MyCloudCure, commented: “We’re really excited to be working with Velpic. Velpic’s eLearning platform is a game changer for any size company. Their ability to deliver better business results with their SaaS-based LMS, coupled with our ability to support customers and help them with their LMS adoption, including Virtual Reality-based training, provides a major advantage for our joint customers.”


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Velpic - Video eLearning Platform In the Cloud

Online learning is easier than ever with Velpic, a powerful training solution for companies of all sizes and industries.

In a single tool, Velpic’s new cloud based platform allows you to create and edit your own impactful video lessons in-house, play your lessons online and finally, as an administrator, you can track, manage and schedule all your company online training and inductions.

Velpic has proven to dramatically reduce the time and costs to train and induct staff while improving comprehension and retention of the subject matter. Our online training software utilises a visual, interactive approach to learning; through smart quizzes and high quality videos, you can maximise each lesson’s impact.

Everything you need to empower your workforce, in one platform – Velpic eLearning.

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