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Company Name: Travel Eggs

Announcement Date: 24/08/2015
Announcement Category: Team Update
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Now that Travel Eggs has graduated from the Fusion Founders Program run by Atomic Sky, we have a bit more time (for now) to share our achievements and milestones we reached during the course.
Towards the end of the program we got approached by Denham from StartupSmart for an interview and Travel Eggs made it into StartupSmart! Check out the article below.

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About Travel Eggs:

Travel Eggs is an easy to use app that is able to share the unique history and culture of an area with every traveller. In order to provide users with the most in-depth guided tours, we’ve not only gathered content from various local official authorities, but we’ve also included some of the most comprehensive content created by the locals of the area.

This has allowed us to provide digital tour guides that feature more stories, and provide a richer experience for every destination. Every week we are adding new tours and new features to keep you exploring. Travel Eggs is more than just another travel app, it’s a local tour guide that fits in your pocket.

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