Tap into Safety launches new application: Operating Mobile Equipment

Company Name: Tap Into Safety

Announcement Date: 16/09/2015
Announcement Category: Product launch/update
Announcement Content:

Do your people work in and around mobile equipment?

Do they have regular interaction between light vehicles and heavier mobile equipment?

Are you noticing that they may not be interacting together as safely as they could be?

Tap into Safety is addressing this problem and are pleased to announce a new addition to our health and safety interactive applications. The Operating Mobile Equipment (OME) application provides a minimum of two interactive modules that teach and test hazard awareness when operating light vehicles and heavy mobile equipment. These two modules cover issues such as inadequate pre-starts, use of mobile phones and iPods, working within speed limits, access on and off public roads, and many more.

We can show you a good example of each module that has been developed in concert with mining and construction industry experts. This template can be modified further to address hazards that are specific to your work sites.

Our applications are available across multiple platforms (web, iPad and Android tablets). They are interactive, use gaming principles and draw on realistic photographic scenarios that depict your work areas. We offer a combination of interactive 2-D photographic scenarios, 360/180 degree panoramic views and panoramic scenes that transition from one work area to another. We work with you to develop the best solution and combination of content presentation to suit your specific working environment needs. We use pictures, audio support, videos and reduced text to support the user no matter their literacy or English language skills.

The Tap into Safety solution supports the use of the applications with an interactive visual reporting system that provides a detailed gap analysis of both the individuals hazard awareness skills and how the company is tracking over time. This helps you to target specific risk to your business and address these gaps with targeted training and supervision activities. No longer are you relying on ad-hock decisions based on 'gut-feel' or 'fashionable' training courses. We help you to get down to brass tacks to tackle what is important to your operations.

Contact us for demonstration or visit the website at www.tapintosafety.com.au

P: +61 8 92434545

E: [email protected]

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About Tap Into Safety:

Tap into Safety is on a mission to keep workers physically and mentally safe. We have two solutions on the Platform that are available across smart devices and on the web.

The safety training solution uses our signature 360/180 degree panoramic scenarios to deliver a 'walk through' of the users workplace that they work within to learn about how to work safely in their environment. We also draw on gaming techniques, animation, images and audio to deliver engaging training that has seen our customers achieve a drop in their workplace injury rates by at least 10%.

Our early intervention mental health solution that has been designed for business to provide training on topics that impact mental health, e.g. change and burnout. IEmployees are 'one click' away from help and support. Data shows business staff groups in early mental health decline. This information has not been made available to business in the past and using this data they can tailor their well-being programmes to those who need it most.

Both solutions produce comprehensive visual reports to show the gaps in safety knowledge and the users who are experiencing issues with their wellbeing. The platform is cost effective and suited to meet the budgetary constraints of all businesses as it is supported by a per use credit model with no lock in contracts, annual license or subscription fees.

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