SponServe listed in The Martec Top 100 Start-ups to watch

Company Name: SponServe

Announcement Date: 01/11/2017
Announcement Category: Awards/recognition
Announcement Content:

Canberra SaaS Start-Up, SponServe, has been listed in the 2017 - The Martec Top 100 Start-ups to watch, capping off a big year with successful market entry into the UK, securing large partnership agreements with 5 x Top Tier English Premier League teams...

Announcement URL: https://www.themartec.com/insidelook/100-australian-startups
About SponServe:

SponServe is a cloud based, mobile enabled, sponsorship management platform providing rights holders i.e. any organisation that sells sponsorships, and brands i.e. any organisation that purchases sponsorships, with complete oversight and management of their sponsorship programs and investments.
SponServe enables the efficient life cycle management of sponsorship agreements. The one solution supports planning, sales & marketing, fulfillment, invoicing, sponsor & asset deliverables, program profitability, commercial opportunities, and the tracking of key performance metrics. It provides a game-changing alternative to the established practice of managing sponsorships using Excel spreadsheets.

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