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Company Name: Soter Analytics

Announcement Date: 30/07/2017
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Soter Analytics has received an innovation voucher from the Western Australian government to keep developing our solution and bringing it to our customers in WA. Our customers are passionate about ensuring they have healthy and happy workforces.

Soter created the SoterSpine to help industrial workers avoid musculoskeletal injuries. It collects data through a wearable sensor that is attached to existing work clothing, and algorithms detect and measure hazardous movements. Insights are then communicated back to the worker and helps them make changes that ultimately reduce their probability of experiencing an injury.

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Soter Analytics is a UK/Australian company that collects data and uses analytics to help industrial workers to work safer, smarter, and get more done. Our lead product, the SoterSpine, was created to help industrial workers avoid musculoskeletal injuries and is due to launch towards the end of 2017.

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