Roborigger to revolutionise global crane safety with $5M Blackbird investment

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Announcement Date: 11/02/2020
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Roborigger, a Perth-based company that develops the award-winning wireless load controlling system that allows crane operators to remotely control and release the loads, has raised $5 million funding in a Series A funding round with Blackbird Ventures.

The Roborigger technology was first developed in 2016, with its early prototypes gaining the interest of construction giant Multiplex and oil and gas producer Woodside Petroleum.

This early traction led to Roborigger working closely with the two companies as development partners and Roborigger systems being used commercially since 2018.

Blackbird co-founder and partner, Rick Baker, said the firm is excited to be backing Roborigger.

“It is a great example of using robots to make dangerous jobs safer. It has an opportunity to become the de facto standard for safe crane lifting around the world."

Roborigger founder Derick Markwell said safety benefits are the major drawcard for a lot of companies interested in using to use the Roborigger technology. It effectively keeps personnel away from under the lifted loads and lifting equipment, reducing or eliminating time spent in the danger zone.

Roborigger has received an outpouring of interests from global companies in renewable energy, oil and gas, port operations, construction and mining since its commercialisation.

Last year, a delegation from two of Japan’s top ten construction companies visited the company to understand how Roborigger technology can be utilized in automating building construction.

“The offshore oil and gas sector have also embraced the potential of Roborigger”, added Markwell. With Woodside leading the way, the majority of supermajor oil and gas companies have now already contacted Roborigger to trial the technology both onshore and offshore.

The company also recently signed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with two of the top four wind turbine original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to look at developing Roborigger technology to handle the latest generation of wind turbine blades.

“This incredible interest that we received without even approaching these companies directly indicates that there is a clear and significant need for Roborigger technology”, said Markwell.

“We’re just coming to grips with the fact that we have to accelerate our development, and this funding from Blackbird will allow us to build our capability for the overseas market.”

Markwell said the internet-connected tracking software that comes with Roborigger has also garnered the interest of industry players.

The built-in software collects data from every lift including time, weight, and the location of the loads being lifted. Users can access this data from a web browser on their phones or computers.

“This means the loads can be tracked real-time and the efficiency of operations can be analysed and improved.”

The company is currently working very closely with Curtin University to further equip this Internet-of-Things capability with pattern and event recognition, giving Roborigger the ability to identify loads and recognise and detect human bodies below the load where they should not be during operation.

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Roborigger is an automated lifting device which uses gyroscopic and inertial forces to accurately rotate and orient loads. No taglines are needed.Roborigger was conceptualized for applications in construction tower cranes and onshore cranes, where there is an average of three fatalities every year in Australia and many more injuries and near misses due to people being in the vicinity of crane loads. Roborigger also includes a camera, load cell, and internet connectivity so all loads are immediately recorded and logged on the internet.Roborigger is ideal for shorebase loadout operations, as it improves safety, reduces the number of personnel required and logs all logistics movements.

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