Retail Technology Innovator, Delloop awarded ‘Top 10’ status in Europe

Company Name: Retail Technology Innovator, Delloop awarded ‘Top 10’ status in Europe

Announcement Date: 29/11/2021
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Seattle, November 25th, 2021. Europe’s largest accelerator, DMS (Data Market Services) today awarded Delloop ‘Top 10 start-up of the year’.

Having been selected from over 400 short-listed applicants in May, Delloop has been a strong participant in the DMS program – an initiative from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program which aims at overcoming the barriers that data-centric SMEs and start-ups face as they expand the boundaries of innovation.

At today’s face-to-face DMS Bootcamp event in Madrid, Delloop entered the ‘DMS Hall of Fame’ and in a video interview, shared its success from the past 6 months.

“Being part of the DMS Accelerator provided the perfect opportunity to validate our go-to-market strategy amongst peers, potential partners and investors,” stated Delloop CEO, Lou Schillaci. “During the last six months, we showcased our technology to Europe’s largest eCommerce players and went on to launch Delloop to the wider European market.”

Delloop was selected by DMS for its innovative, data-centric solutions. Delloop’s people-centred platform empowers customers to have access to all their own e-commerce data, from all their preferred retailers, all in one place.

Delloop enables a Retailer to stay connected to its Customers throughout product usage and shopper lifecycle and in doing so creates a virality for the offers and a jump in the brand’s affinity. This creates the perfect opportunity to realize endless repeat sales.

In capturing the data generated across the customer life cycle (sale, delivery, usage, warranty and recycling) in a closed-loop, retailers gain a 360-degree perspective. Going beyond the usual sales cycle provides a retailer with even broader than usual insights, and informs a better quality of customer engagement.

DMS Program Partners included Zabala, Ogilvy, TNW, Spinlab and a variety of influential business and technology innovators.

CEO, Lou Schillaci concluded: “The quality of resources provided to us by the DMS team has been exceptional and far surpasses many other accelerators. From business opportunities to mentors to media coverage, DMS has done a marvellous job of helping Delloop overcome hurdles to take its place in the European market.”

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