Refresh – Mobile Car Detailing Receives Water Corporation Waterwise Endorsement, the first in WA!

Company Name: Refresh – Mobile Car Detailing

Announcement Date: 12/10/2017
Announcement Category: Awards/recognition
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Refresh is proud to announce that we are officially the FIRST & ONLY car wash / car detailer in WA endorsed by Water Corporation as Waterwise!
There were categories for landscapers and plumbers but we worked closely with Water Corporation to create our own category for Car Washes / Car Detailers.
Car washes waste millions and millions of water a year with each car wash using 175L + of water. Teaming up with Water Corporation to lead the carwash water saving efforts was a great pleasure and achievement for water conservation in WA.

"Through partnerships between us, Local Government Agencies, business and industry, we have developed a range of Waterwise programs aimed at modifying water efficiency practices across WA." - Water Corporation

Refresh Mobile Car Detailing has also obtained the Smart Watermark Approval!
"Smart WaterMark is an international water efficiency scheme that certifies products and services that save water. We also provide advice on saving water in the home and across the business sector. Currently, the scheme operates across Europe and Australia." - Smartwatermark

For any further queries re carwash water conservation and eco friendly carwashes, please call Harrison on 1300 593 098 or [email protected]

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First there was On Demand for Taxi's, now Refresh brings you On Demand for Car Detailing. Why leave your home or work to wait in line at a hand car wash when Refresh comes to you. Just Download. Request. Relax. Refresh.

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