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Announcement Date: 27/02/2019
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Joel Steel, CEO of QuizJam, announced this week that the company has officially rebranded as Komo.

Mr Steele explained that the new name and brand reflected the much broader range of digital engagement tools they now offer, and the current name pigeonholed them into just being a quiz widget.

The company has recently been creating digital engagement campaigns with some of Australia’s biggest brands and publishers including the NBL, Hungry Jacks, Optus, Macquarie Media, Mamamia, Tim Tams, Expedia and many more.

‘Komo’s mission is to change the way brands and publishers, connect, engage, advertise and sell to their audiences. We create immersive and high performing digital experiences and our love for being different and always challenging ourselves and the status quo means that we will always deliver the best possible results for our partners and user experience.’ Steel Says

The growth the company has achieved over the last 12 months was made possible by a successful capital raise where the company secured $810k in seed funding enabling the expansion of the development, marketing and sales teams. Komo now has a team of 17 spread across the country and internationally.

“Consumers will no longer fall for hard-sell tactics or the old school way of advertising. These days the average online display ad click-through rate is less than 0.1% and with the continued increase of the use of ad blockers by the average consumer, it’s becoming even harder to get their attention. As a brand, you need to get a deeper understanding as to what your customer/audience wants and deliver them real value before you should even think about asking for something in return. Capture their attention, show them you really care and watch the engagement of your brand exponentially increase” Steel says.

Komo recently launched their digital coupons technology which is currently being used by the NBL & Hungry Jacks for their ‘Free burger’ fan engagement activation and Optus for the distribution of their discounts and giveaway for their Optus Perks programme. The digital coupons can also be gamified, create brand engagement and awareness, launch new products and sampling activations while at the same time being trackable from the initial users’ engagement to point of purchase in-store or online.

Mr Steel Says ‘Our suite of Komo digital engagement products have all been designed to work together in harmony. We are now one of the only products suites in the market to close the loop between brand engagement, market research, lead generation and customer action. We do all of this in a fun and non-intrusive way with a user experience first philosophy leading all our product decisions.’

David Lo – CEO of The Zoo Republic (Clients such as Optus, Caltex, Craveable Brands) says “The Zoo Republic has been working with QuizJam for the last couple of years and has seen the business and its suite of products grow substantially over this period. With the addition of its high performing digital coupons which has been implemented by the Optus Perks programme and its team's ability to create bespoke engagement and lead generation campaigns, we are excited to see what’s to come in 2019 under the new Komo brand!”

Glenn Morton, CTO, further commented that “We are confident that expectations of Komo will not only be met but exceeded and we are excited to continue to show the world the technology we are creating.”

Accompanying the name change will be a roll out of new branding and the launch of the new website, komo.digital, which is jam-packed with content, case studies and product demos. Aaron Dark, Komo’s Lead designer and Product manager, commented “QuizJam focused itself on quizzes while Komo (Hawaiian for “Engage”) takes a step back to look at customer engagement as a whole. I wanted to replicate this sentiment through our brand by creating a flexible design system, one that can handle the many ways we engage audiences. The result is a strong wordmark that builds our “k” out of an exclamation mark. A simple icon used throughout history to show surprise, excitement and emphasises any (brand) statement. That’s exactly what we do at Komo.”

Komo also has a pending release of Komo LIVE, a purpose-built fan engagement tool designed to capture the attention of the whole crowd at major sporting events with an exciting and immersive experience.

‘Komo LIVE will allow brands to connect and engage with the whole crowd, at scale, in a 2-minute fan frenzy. I can’t say much more than that for now as we have some big announcements to come in the coming weeks for the launch of this product’ Steel Says

To find out more, please visit the company’s new website, komo.digital.

Announcement URL: https://komo.digital/announcements/quizjam-rebrands-as-komo/
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Komo creates immersive and high performing digital experiences, closing the loop between consumer engagement and action.

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