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Announcement Date: 16/04/2020
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Trackem Pty Ltd (Track'em), leader in cloud-based tracking technology, announced today that they have secured a contract with Primero for usage of their Material Tracking solution. Primero will use Track’em to increase visibility and control of their materials for construction works on a major iron ore expansion project in Western Australia.

Track’em provides a central, cloud-based solution for tracking materials across the supply chain. By using the system, Primero and its project partners will be able to manage, monitor, update and report on materials in real-time from any location.

“We’re really excited to partner with a successful fast-growing multi-disciplinary engineering company such as Primero,” said Kashif Saleem, founder and CEO, Track’em.

“Track’em will allow Primero to take ownership of the materials control processes to streamline operations. It promotes efficiency and reduces the risk of losing expensive materials with long lead times.”

Track’em will provide stakeholders with an integrated system that gives continuous visibility on the location, status, condition and custody of materials. The Track’em app will further enable users to quickly locate, scan and update parts and components, while digitising form-based processes such as inspections and transfer documents.

“Primero Group always prefers to engage with local partners to support the industry,” said Mark Pensabene, Executive General Manager Project Delivery, Primero. “For this project – with the volume of materials required – we needed a world-class materials control system.”

Pensabene continuous, “We looked at WA-based Track’em and were very impressed. It’s the most sophisticated materials tracking platform that we’ve ever come across, yet it is surprisingly simple to use. It will equip workers throughout the supply chain – from our fabricators to site – to use a single system giving us end-to-end visibility.”

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About Track’em:

Track’em is the leading provider of cloud-based tracking software in the resources and construction
industries. By tracking assets, materials and time, Track’em provides control and drives efficiency
during construction and maintenance projects.

Headquartered in Perth, Australia, Track’em has tracked over 10 million items in engineering and
construction projects across the world’s largest mining, and oil and gas projects, helping assets
owners, engineering companies and contractors deliver projects on time and budget.

Our software portfolio consists of:
• Materials tracking
• Asset tracking (plant and equipment)
• Stores, tools and bulk consumables management
• Time tracking and timesheeting solution

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