IMR Technologies takes flight with Aero Jacks/MX Aircraft to develop IMR Sentinel alert device for the aviation industry

Company Name: IMR Technologies

Announcement Date: 08/11/2017
Announcement Category: Contract/Partnership
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A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between Perth based transport safety tech company IMR Technologies and aviation company Aero Jack/MX Aircraft to trial and certify the IMR Sentinel crash alert device for the aviation industry.

Whilst originally designed for the automotive industry, IMR Sentinel’s core functionality is to reliably detect a serious crash incident and report the location and details to emergency authorities with a high degree of accuracy. This makes it an ideal additional safety system for aircraft such as those built and maintained by Aero Jacks/MX Aircraft.

Aero Jacks/MX Aircraft manufacture, maintain and sell aircraft for aerobatic, sport, vintage and leisure pilots with an emphasis on safety and enjoyment.

The agreement between the two companies includes a 12-month trial period with the IMR Sentinel device to be installed to aircraft to test live data capture scenarios. The trial period will allow for certification of the device for full use in the aviation industry.

Upon completion of the trial period and formal certification, Aero Jacks/MX Aircraft will look to distribute the device into the aviation industry across Australia and the United States.

The ultimate goal is to make the product available for sale and use for light aircraft by 2019.

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Vehicle accident detection, alert and management technology for individuals, companies and organisations. Leveraging our core IMR Sentinel technology we make rugged, versatile devices that seamlessly integrate with any type of vehicle.

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