Digital Matter first to market with Telstra approved modems

Company Name: Digital Matter

Announcement Date: 03/10/2017
Announcement Category: Product launch/update
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Digital Matter scores another coup in being first to market with Telstra approved LTE-CatM1 (4G) modems for their GPS asset tracking device range. Telstra recently launched the LTE-CatM1 network targeting low data enterprise users, an ideal fit for battery powered GPS tracking solutions.

Digital Matter CEO, Ken Everett, says "a number of devices in our range are currently in design and prototype production, with full production due for delivery Q1 2018. There will be some new devices too".

"The devices will have the latest LTE-CatM1 technology for low data and lower power consumption, which coupled with our innovative world leading battery powered tracking technology" said Ken Everett, "presents the market with a disruptive technology both in capability and cost mitigation".

Digital Matter's IoT play is getting noticed globally with the recent successful Oyster Sigfox device (Thinxtra partnership) as well as the new SensorData data-logger / agtech device show-cased at the Sigfox World IoT Expo in Prague, Czech Republic.

Digital Matter's Business Development Director, Stuart German, noted that the Oyster was on at least 4 separate stands at the World Expo event demonstrating its rapid growth in interest. "This shows how the IoT space is all about finding low cost solutions to high volume commercial problems, an area that has been uneconomically viable with existing GSM technologies."

"Now that we have Sigfox and LoRa devices, as well as the up and coming CatM and NBIoT platforms, the battery powered asset tracking space is about to explode, bringing the previously hyped IoT phenomenom into a reality, at least for asset management needs." He added, "We are very excited about this space, not least of all with our recent opening of our North American office, where asset tracking is an enormous requirement.

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Digital Matter designs, develops and manufactures GPS asset tracking and telematics devices and a software platform, as well as a number of Internet-of-Things sensors and gateways. Our telematics solution is offered as a white-label product set, enabling a network of reseller partners world-wide to offer innovative telematics solutions without requiring them to undertake costly R&D and capital investment. Our telematics devices are also used to interface to a wide variety of sensors and systems to monitor and control them remotely, in particular in the agricultural sector. is one of our consumer brands

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