Digital Matter launches first of many 4G CatM1 / NB Iot devices

Company Name: Digital Matter

Announcement Date: 26/09/2018
Announcement Category: Product launch/update
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Digital Matter has continued with its innovative ways in launching the first of many 4G CatM1 / NB IoT devices. With low data plans and low power consumption, this is revolutionising the battery powered tracking space, which Digital Matter is the global undisputed leader.

Cost savings, extended performance, and future-proofing are just some of the benefits.

The G62 device, ideal for vehicle tracking or equipment based tracking and asset management, leads the pack with the Yabby, Oyster Dart, and Remora D close on its heels.

The NB IoT compatible Ublox modem opens up the long awaited Narrow Band option too.

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Digital Matter designs, develops and manufactures GPS asset tracking and telematics devices and a software platform, as well as a number of Internet-of-Things sensors and gateways. Our telematics solution is offered as a white-label product set, enabling a network of reseller partners world-wide to offer innovative telematics solutions without requiring them to undertake costly R&D and capital investment. Our telematics devices are also used to interface to a wide variety of sensors and systems to monitor and control them remotely, in particular in the agricultural sector. is one of our consumer brands

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