Delloop introduces new concept. Helps WooCommerce retailers leapfrog competitors

Company Name: Delloop introduces new concept. Helps WooCommerce retailers leapfrog competitors

Announcement Date: 07/03/2022
Announcement Category: Product launch/update
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Perth Retail technology innovator, Delloop, today unveils its WordPress eCommerce helper plug-in, ‘Delloop for WooCommerce’

WooCommerce is the world’s most customisable eCommerce platform and is utilised by 22% of the world’s top one million sites* and the Delloop™ plug-in now introduces WooCommerce retailers to an entirely new concept, a customer-centric pathway to engage with Customers after the sale. Delloop for WooCommerce solves issues such as low retention rates, high servicing costs, customer friction, and low brand affinity.

It not only addresses these pain points, it also supports WooCommerce retailers and shoppers in handling costly and high friction after-sales issues: last-mile delivery problems, returns, warranty claims, customer support, and cart abandonment.

Delloop for WooCommerce enables online Retailers to stay connected to their Customers throughout product usage and shopper lifecycle, well beyond the normal sales cycle, through to end-of-life and product recycling.

In the competitive eCommerce market, Delloop gives WooCommerce retailers the edge by creating an enduring 360-degree Customer connection. It is fuelled by incentivisation, bi-lateral communication, and opportunities to market to existing Customers as well as a fresh new Customer base.

Delloop also provides a wealth of customer/product/usage trends and analytic data that enable WooCommerce retailers to address lost sales opportunities as well as determine new revenue streams.

Delloop VP Worldwide Sales, Sam Selim stated: “Delloop for WooCommerce’s viral take-up effectively levels the playing field and leapfrogs smaller Retailers ahead of competition where they can quickly and more reliably establish brand affinity and recognition.

“For larger Retailers, Delloop for WooCommerce’s incentivisation combats the high attrition rates and costly retention issues that plague the industry,“ Selim concluded.

Having been awarded ‘Top Placer’ in the 2021 International Trade Council’s GoGobal Awards and awarded Top 10 Hall of Fame status in the European Union’s 2021 DMS program, Delloop has gained recognition for solving long-standing eCommerce issues with its Customer-centric approach.

Delloop not only enables a Retailer to stay connected to its Customers throughout product usage and shopper lifecycle, it also allows customers to access their own shopping history, from their preferred retailers, all in one place.

“In capturing the data generated across the customer life cycle (sale, delivery, usage, warranty, and recycling) in a closed-loop, retailers gain a 360-degree perspective,” stated Delloop CEO, Lou Schillaci. “Going beyond the usual sales cycle provides a retailer with even broader than usual insights, and informs a better quality of customer engagement. It creates the perfect opportunity to realise endless repeat sales.”

Delloop for WooCommerce is available as a WordPress plug-in with development underway for other eCommerce platforms. It is API-based and, as such requires no core integration. Retailers can access the free trial and assess the Key Performance Indicators for their business at

*Ref: Forbes, Dec 2nd, 2021


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