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Company Name: Credi

Announcement Date: 14/09/2018
Announcement Category: Product launch/update
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In just a short time, the Credi story has evolved from a start up with great ambitions to become a larger start up with almost 5,000 users in 27 countries, managing hundreds of millions of dollars of loans between people based on trusted relationships.

So what has the last year taught us? It's simply that the largest "bank" in the world is probably between you and me. We all want to help our friends and family, and stay generous and fair. That said, we want that help to be easy, organised and without friction. Lenders want borrowers to have a plan to pay us back, and we want a system to manage the loan so everyone knows where they stand, even if things need tweaking along the way. That's exactly where Credi comes in!

We provide the framework to make these great loans happen - for lending and borrowing between people, personally, to their family, or with their businesses. These loans are often the best source of finance, because they are available, cheap and accessible. These loans are from a few dollars to hundreds of thousands.

Our newest development is our partner program, Credi Partner.

Credi Partner is designed for finance professionals. Its wealth of features include entity management and an array of loan agreement types such as standard loans, secured loans and Division 7A loans. Credi Partner is a comprehensive loan management system, adding an administrative layer to the already popular Credi Premium. Accountants, bookkeepers and finance professionals are using Credi to help their clients stay organised and formalise their lending and borrowing.

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We want to save relationships from the strain of financial dealings by turning informal agreements into credible, manageable and formal ones. We believe that by taking the duty of reminders, calendaring and contracting on behalf of the lender and borrower we are removing the most fraught aspects of relationship loans.

Credi gives you the platform and the tools for loans between family and friends. Simply use the app to generate a legally binding document and add your e-signature. Once agreed, you can manage repayments to stay on top of your loan. A simple and easy way to loan money from your loved ones!

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