cloudyBoss star Intern boosts digital profile of home country, Timor-Leste

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Announcement Date: 29/10/2017
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The cloudyBoss internship has provided avenues for her to apply her skills to real-world scenarios.
As a cloudyBoss intern, Ana has been working on a key AI (Artificial Intelligence) component of the
cloudyBoss platform, reviewing, testing and benchmarking existing language-specialised tools, and
specifying API’s requirements for cloudyBoss Smart Communication System.

Ana’s expertise with creating APIs has also seen her tackle another significant project, which is the
cloudyBoss banking facility. These complex pieces of middleware will provide both front end and back
interfaces for organisations that require secure banking facilities.

Ana will achieve cloudyBoss Certification in the areas in which she has been working. In addition to
strengthening her existing skills in HTML, PHP, Java, Python and Android, and, similarly to 52 of her
peers in the 2016 first wave of the popular cloudyBoss internship program, she will become eligible to
all the benefits under cloudyBoss APEASE (Agreement | Partners, Executives And Software Engineers).
This includes an opportunity to receive royalty payments for the specific technical assets she
contributed during her internship period, as they are used by cloudyBoss clients.

Her Certification also takes her one step closer to her dream of establishing leading-edge IT cloud services
in her home country, Timor-Leste.

“Technology is important for every organisation,” stated Xbelo. “It affects every part of business operations
and with the right platform in place, it should enhance productivity.”

“My role, as a qualified network specialist, is to be a technology leader in my country, where we need to
introduce better IT skills into the workplace. Having some real-world experience now, I have an even
greater appreciation as to how to help Timor-Leste.”

cloudyBoss CEO, Lou Schillaci, commented: “ At 25 Ana is smart and very accomplished. Her work has made
a valuable contribution in progressing the AI and financial interfaces in our ERP platform. We look forward
to her continuing her work with us.”

cloudyBoss’ main platform is a leading-edge cloud-based enterprise management engine. Backed by IBM,
via the largest cloud infrastructure in the world, cloudyBoss has welcomed the involvement of interns from
around the globe.

The main difference with this internship program is its flexibility. The organisation is a virtual one with open
spaces around the world. Interns define how, when and where they work. The program duration is flexible
and, unlike many internships, there is no cost. It only requires an investment of the intern’s time and

In return, cloudyBoss offers hands-on education. Interns are involved in real-life code development
scenarios on some of the world’s leading-edge technology.

For more information about Ana Xbelo or the cloudyBoss Internship Program contact cloudyBoss Media Director, Claire Schillaci

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cloudyBoss is an award-winning developer of enterprise software that manages business operations and processes for 21st-century entities of all sizes. Apart from software, cloudyBoss’ innovations also extend to business transformation programs and internal business processes such as the APEASE which encapsulates the ‘royalty-based’ relationship between cloudyBoss and parties to which it is connected.

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