cloudyBoss awarded: Westpac’s 200 Businesses of Tomorrow

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Announcement Date: 19/07/2018
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Today technology company, cloudyBoss was awarded a Winner of Westpac’s ‘200 Businesses of Tomorrow’.

cloudyBoss is a developer of enterprise software that manages business operations and processes for 21st-century entities of all sizes.
Its baseline product is very much in line with the Westpac ‘200 Businesses of Tomorrow’ ethos which recognises companies for their ability to help “the next generation of Australian businesses to thrive and succeed in a changing world” (Chief Executive, Westpac Business Bank, David Lindberg, April 2017).

Built in the cloudyBoss Extended Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP-X) are many new technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), that provide new tools for businesses to deal with disruption, automation, security and productivity gaps.

“We are honoured to be amongst the businesses that Westpac has recognised,” stated cloudyBoss CEO, Lou Schillaci. “This Award is of particular significance considering another recent recognition received by BBVA, a Westpac peer and major European banking institution, which acknowledged our achievements and selected us from 850 other start-up organisations

“To be relevant today, companies need to harness technology that provides greater efficiencies and competitiveness, without it being unnecessarily complex or expensive.

“Currently many businesses still use a range of disjointed 20th-century software which severely impacts their competitiveness and ability to grow, but which they can’t afford to replace. We are dedicated to overturning this with our ERP-X that is affordable, scalable, adaptable, secure and essentially future-proof.”

Available on an unlimited ‘Pay-as-you-Grow’ basis, as opposed to the traditional ‘Per-User’ model, cloudyBoss is leading the software world with its affordable solution.

It is also recognised for pioneering the world’s first codeless Blockchain / DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology). As DLT is built into the core cloudyBoss product, it enables the user to create blockchain ecosystems, such as Smart Contracts, in seconds with no coding required. This is the first of its kind globally.

“Everything we do supports the changing way people work,” said CTO, Giovanni Di Noto.

“cloudyBoss technology supports changing working conditions. In fact, our company itself models a very different work environment. We are a decentralised company, with team members living in different locations, working autonomously. From this, our team members get to do what they love – contributing on a lucrative royalty basis – which in turn provides ongoing support and a legacy for their families. This has created a whole new landscape of self-motivation and security for our workforce.

“In short, we recognise the challenges that workplaces face and we are focused on providing real-world solutions.”

Where you are likely to see cloudyBoss Pty Ltd in the near future:
- Healthcare, eldercare, education, banking and other industries
- Autonomous vehicles and ride-sharing (Mobility as a Service)
- Supply chain and logistics
- Smart Cities
- Millions of SMEs and large corporate workplaces

cloudyBoss Pty Ltd is an award-winning Australian privately owned, globally distributed technology organisation backed by IBM through its Global Entrepreneurs Program. cloudyBoss’ technology challenges the way we work and frees organisations from old world constraints: it does this by equipping all manner of businesses with tools that allow them to thrive in the new global order.

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cloudyBoss is an award-winning developer of enterprise software that manages business operations and processes for 21st-century entities of all sizes. Apart from software, cloudyBoss’ innovations also extend to business transformation programs and internal business processes such as the APEASE which encapsulates the ‘royalty-based’ relationship between cloudyBoss and parties to which it is connected.

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