Close Comfort sells 1000 PC8 air conditioners

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Announcement Date: 28/09/2017
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Since first launching the PC8 energy-saving air conditioner in Pakistan, Close Comfort has sold 1000 air conditioners in Pakistan, Australia, India and Singapore. This is a major milestone for the Perth-based startup. Most of the sales have been in Pakistan with Close Comfort's patented bed tents that provide extra cooling and mosquito protection. Summertime indoor temperatures in India and Pakistan exceed 40 C. Close Comfort has proved to be popular, with running costs below 50 cents a night and the ability to run on battery backup supplies through frequent power interruptions. A normal room air conditioner costs about $7 a night to run continuously as a generator is needed for power interruptions.

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Close Comfort International Pte Ltd (Close Comfort) is a start-up business developing unique energy-saving air conditioning technology. Close Comfort’s localized air conditioning technology makes it possible to provide cooling with up to 75% less energy consumption by focusing a cool stream air on the face and neck of users with a convenient, portable mass-market appliance. Close Comfort is poised to take advantage of a gigantic world-wide market demand for energy-efficient cooling. The world needs a new approach to meet inexorably rising demands for cooling while reducing greenhouse emissions and energy costs.

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