Bustle backs themselves in 2018

Company Name: Bustle

Announcement Date: 05/12/2017
Announcement Category: Contract/Partnership, Investment
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After the recently established JV's took effect through November, Bustle has had the opportunity to see how our platform handled increased volumes as well as refine systems to expedite more complex B2B transactions. The increase in activity from these partnerships has established the start of base volume set out in our strategy and growth targets.

With another 3 JV's in the pipeline and increased traffic in November Bustle management has decided to set aside another $250k of owner funds for 2018 calendar year. These funds will be spent solely on platform iterations (compliance and SaaS systems) as well as UI/UX. The purpose of these iterations is to open up the system use to a wider range of our target customers in our industry.

The JV's being established are based in Perth where the Bustle was founded however the relationships are with large companies with national footprint. Having a platform that offers a centralised portal for operational continuity is a major focus of these companies strategies to have consistent operating platforms across their business.

By mid 2018 Bustle will have 3 revenue generating systems with base clients to review their position on outside investment or continued owner investment.

Announcement URL: http://bustle.com.au/
About Bustle:

Bustle is a cloud based platform for transport and logistics companies to use either as a closed loop fleet management platform or open market. Backed by a compliance database with contractor management system Bustle is re-shaping the procurement and facilitation model to make faster, cleaner and more transparent transactions for both big business and small to medium carriers.

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