BrickX launches BrickX v.2.0!

Company Name: BrickX

Announcement Date: 30/08/2018
Announcement Category: Product launch/update
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Since launch in 2016, we have helped over 12,000 Australians invest in residential real estate for a fraction of the cost. We’ve helped those never in property before get their foot on the ladder, as well as give experienced investors an opportunity to diversify their wealth.

Today we launched BrickX v.2.0! We’ve updated our branding to be much fresher, cleaner and accessible. In addition, we’ve launched a new product, Smart Invest, which is an automated investing product, which allows all Australians to setup a regular plan which automatically invests in a range of properties with the objective of outperforming the Australian Housing Market. This automated savings product stands along side our current product (now called Build My Own) where Members can still select themselves where to invest. This new product will see us enter a number of new geographic regions in Australia (last week we launched into Ballarat).

In line with the new product launch, and new brand, we have evolved our mission and positioning to be focused on helping people save a housing deposit, by using property to get into property. We were already getting great traction with those not in property, looking to one day own a home of their own - we’re now dialling up our messaging and positioning to focus on this (rather large) niche. Of course we’re still available for everyone to use (whether they have a home or not).

If you want to learn more, you can see our new short 1 min video (see link below).

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Redefining property investing in Australia. Our mission is to provide everyone with easy access to the Australian residential property market.

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