Benojo wins a NSW Business Chamber Award for Excellence in Social Enterprise

Company Name: Benojo

Announcement Date: 05/06/2017
Announcement Category: Awards/recognition
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The NSW Business Chamber opened up a new category for 2017 - Excellence in Social Enterprise - which reflects how the Australian corporate landscape is shifting to formally embrace social and community programs as part of 'good business'. CSR has long been recognised as something businesses ought to invest in, but we're excited to be recognised as a startup disrupting this space through technological innovation and education.

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About Benojo:

Benojo is the world's first online social marketplace for good.

A marketplace that allows individuals, businesses and their employees, government and education sectors to promote and share offers of support to the charities they care the most about.

Similarly, charities can promote and share the support they need.

We then take care of the matchmaking and provide all the required tools to facilitate meaningful and sustainable relationships.

But there is more… to ensure the success in the marketplace we help design, develop, implement and evaluate giving programs for businesses, government agencies and education institutions through tailored consulting and education programs.

Benojo. Good humans wanted.

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