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Announcement Date: 16/02/2019
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In the world of food - safety and sustainability are hot topics, and for consumers and commercial operators alike, this is now being addressed via a new form of certification.

Ground-breaking AgTech provider, Origin Chain, has partnered with blockchain specialist, cloudyBoss, to pioneer an immutable provider-to-consumer reassurance in the form of a digital verification.

Origin Chain has been selected to participate in the cloudyBoss accelerator program, Startospheric. The benefits, apart from fast-tracking the Origin Chain product - via the cloudyBoss Enterprise Distributed Ledger Technology (EDLT) platform - also include the support of Startospheric partners, such as SendGrid and 24IP Law Group.

Origin Chain Founder and CEO, Fiona Delaney, (MSc, BSc, BA), is a respected blockchain architect and software developer in her own right and she also has a professional qualification in landscape management. She is excited about her collaboration with cloudyBoss.

“At Origin Chain we’re on a mission to enhance trust in the organic and sustainable agri-food supply chain. We offer 'Farm to Fork' traceability services to organic and sustainable agri-producers helping them to publish digital verification of authenticity. In return, producers gain insights into consumer concerns, desires and changing behaviours,” stated Origin Chain Founder and CEO Fiona Delaney.

“Partnering with cloudyBoss, who are visionaries in the blockchain arena, will provide us with the most innovative and advanced solutions to take to market.”

cloudyBoss CEO and Startospheric Director, Lou Schillaci stated: “We are delighted to welcome Origin Chain into our accelerator program. This is a leading-edge business that is poised to make a profound difference in the global food industry.

“The development of the product on the cloudyBoss Enterprise Distributed Ledger Technology platform will ensure that all the product information collected and exchanged is at all times secure, valid and immutable.”

The Startospheric accelerator program is currently home to startups from a broad cross-section of industries, including Mobility, RegTech, LawTech, AgTech and Smart Contracts.


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cloudyBoss is an award-winning developer of enterprise software that manages business operations and processes for 21st-century entities of all sizes. Apart from software, cloudyBoss’ innovations also extend to business transformation programs and internal business processes such as the APEASE which encapsulates the ‘royalty-based’ relationship between cloudyBoss and parties to which it is connected.

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