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Welcome to Techboard, The Platform for raising the profile of Australian startups and young tech companies, particularly with Australian investors.

Techboard and TechInvest have partnered to provide companies featured in TechInvest with a means of strengthening their connection with readers of TechInvest and to get exposure to the Techboard audience. Through this partnership featured companies are encouraged to make announcements of any interesting developments on the Techboard Announcements platform.

TechInvest will be producing regular curated updates containing summaries of news on and announcements made by Companies that are made on the Techboard platform. These updates will  give TechInvest readers a value added service to help them to stay up to date with the Companies’ latest developments.

Stories featured on TechInvest will also be linked back to Companies’ profiles on Techboard.


Additional information for Companies:

Our partnership with TechInvest provides companies featured in TechInvest to have more opportunity to engage with TechInvest readers. Techboard also runs the Techboard Ranking of trending startups and young technology companies in Western Australian, New South Wales and Victoria (with other states coming on line during 2017). A major input into Techboard’s Ranking is company achievements which it picks up through press reports OR as reported on Techboard’s own Announcements platform.

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For companies that have not already done so we encourage you to set up or claim your free profile, that way if you have interesting progress to share with Techboard or TechInvest readers you can make an announcement on Techboard which TechInvest will also pick up in their regular updates.

For more information please contact us.

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