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What Investors Seek – 8 Lessons from an Entrepreneur Investor

This guest post comes to you from our friend Rajeev Gupta, investor and entrepreneur. Rajeev is Partner and Founder of cross-over investment fund Alium Capital Management which has backed many great Australian Startups (including HealthEngine and Unlockd who have topped the Techboard Ranking). In this post Rajeev shares his wisdom and experience from sitting on both sides of the table. Rajeev has also recently joined Techboard's NSW Panel of Experts.

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Three core elements to include in your startup pitch

Our friend Cam Sinclair from Ammo Marketing and a couple of Startups, most recently has put together a great post with tips for pitching for investment.  This article is about fundamentals to convince your audience, not about building pitch decks (that’s for another post).  Cam was the first to respond to our call for guest bloggers or topics put out in a recent Techboard newsletter. Over the coming months Techboard will be bringing insights from a variety of different sorts of investors to its readers. If you have any suggestions as to issues you would like addressed OR if you would like to contribute a guest blog post please contact the Techboard Team.

Pitching your startup to investors can be a daunting experience. You have to convince a room full of decision makers that your little pet project is better than the thousands of other investment options out there. You must compress the highlights of months or years of blood sweat and hard work into a matter of minutes. All while remaining calm, confident and convincing. As a keen tech startup pitch nerd, I have taken part in many of these things (you can see my pitch for here), and watched hundreds of others sweat bullets while trying to persuade a room full of onlookers that their idea is worth considering. (more…)

Insights into Investing in High Growth Ventures

We attended the Perth Angels breakfast event Insights into Investing in High Growth Ventures on 21 June 2017.  At the event the Perth Angels presented a panel of industry experts across the investment spectrum to discuss the quintessential angel investor question, “how do you pick winners in high growth early stage ventures?”  We put out a call for free tickets to this event at the Techboard table and were overwhelmed with the level of interest, particularly from companies on Techboard wanting to know more about the investment ecosystem. Over the coming months Techboard will be bringing insights from a variety of different sorts of investors to its readers. If you have any suggestions as to issues you would like addressed OR if you would like to contribute a guest blog post please contact us.


Innovation Tax Incentive: Techboard Partners with BDO

Techboard is pleased to announce that on the not so long lead up til the end of another tax year we have partnered with BDO to bring the Techboard audience increased guidance on the application of the Innovation Tax Incentive.

BDO have developed a number of documents to help Australian startups, tech companies and investors to self assess for the Innovation Tax Incentive. For an investor they will assist to determine if an investment they have made or are planning to make will entitle them to tax relief and for a company the forms will help them to judge whether they are eligible as a Early Stage Innovation Company which can arm them for discussions with potential investors. 



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I Want to Bring On Investors, What are the Legal Steps?

This Blog Post comes from Ursula Hogben from LegalVision and was first published on their Site on 6 January 2017. LegalVision have signed up on Techboard as a Problem Solver an have a special offer for Techboard users who will receive a 5% discount on their bill if they get a quote via LegalVision’s Techboard Landing Page.

You’ve made your pitch, shared information about your company and agreed how many shares the investors will receive for what investment. You may have signed a term sheet or agreed to the key details informally. Now, what legal steps should you take to bring on board investors?  (more…)

Raising the profile of your startup as part of the capital raising process – from the Archives

This post by Techboard co-founder Peter van Bruchem was first published by our friends at Capital Pitch in November 2016. In the piece Peter highlights the importance of startups investing time in raising their profile even before they are ready to raise capital. 

In this post I explore the importance of investor communications or investor relations for startups and suggest that taking an investor relations style approach before raising capital could be beneficial to a startup. There two main reasons for Startups wanting to raise their profile are customers (finding, acquiring and keeping) and seeking investment. In this piece I will focus on investment and will seek to answer four simple questions Why, When, Where and How. Why take efforts to raise your company’s profile when raising capital? Where, geographically should those efforts be focused? When should a startup start raising their profile and finally how can a startup go about raising their profile?


Three Approaches for Pitching Angels Investors

Our friend Jeremy Liddle, CEO Capital Pitch has provided this great post on angel investing for us to publish here on Techboard. To read more on Angel investors and angel investing visit Capital Pitch.

Young, new and even struggling businesses are always on the lookout for those opportunities that will change their company. They are tirelessly (standard for entrepreneurs) seeking ways to make their business stronger, more financially stable or opportunities that will take them to the next level. There are many avenues a new company can investigate in this search, and one in particular is making some noise.

Angels, as they are known in the business arena, are private investors who provide their own resources for companies looking to grow. The popularity of angel investors has been steadily increasing globally over the past 20 years. There is even a very popular television program centered on nothing but Angel Investors called the Shark Tank, although this show is NOT a good representation of how to value and invest in a startup! Pitching Angel Investors is not anything like it is shown on television. Despite that, there are some things we can learn from that television program and these are three approaches every company should consider.


Australian Accelerators: who offers the best value?



Techboard’s Chief Data Nerd Rafael Kimberley-Bowen takes a look at the comparative valuations of Australian seed accelerators.

An accelerator is a cohort-based program which offers mentorship and education to startups to help set them up for solid growth once they complete the program. More specifically, a seed accelerator takes a small share of a startup’s equity in exchange for a modest capital injection and an educational program with access to mentors.