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Energising the Blockchain – Dr Jemma Green speaks with Techboard about the future of Power and Power Ledger’s historic Initial Coin Offering

In August this year, Power Ledger grasped everyone’s attention by raising $17 million in its the pre-sale of its Token Generation Event (TGE) or Initial Coin Offering (ICO) ahead of raising a total of $34million in its ICO which closed in October. For most of us, this raised a lot of questions… “What is an ICO? Why would someone want raise money using an ICO? And what’s a POWR token?” Fortunately, our Contributor Matthew Parker from MitchelLake was able to sit down with Dr Jemma Green, co-founder and Chair of Power Ledger to help us answer these questions. Power Ledger first came to prominence in Techboard’s Rankings back in August 2016 where it topped the ranking for 2 fortnights. This year PowerLedger topped the Techboard Ranking in August and has remained in the top five in September and October.


Anywhere, Any Product, Any Service, Anywhere in the World: Marketplacer’s Jason Wyatt speaks with Techboard about bringing online trading to every imaginable product

Jason Wyatt is building a marketplace of marketplaces. With his co-founder Sam Slater, Jason has taken the technology and experience they pioneered creating BikeExchange — an aggregate online marketplace for bikes — to build a template that can be used for any purpose. Marketplacer is bringing the disintermediated economy to markets in an accessible and readymade format. Robin Block from MitchelLake sat down with Jason to understand the method by which they intend to expand, how they built their marketplace community and what the future holds for Marketplacer.


Keeping Your Start-up DNA: Prospa’s Beau Bertoli talks to Techboard about how to manage a high-growth scale-up

Beau Bertoli and Greg Moshal, co-founders and joint-CEOs of Prospa, are changing the way small businesses find loans by taking Australian SME lending online.  Prospa is using proprietary software to provide SMEs with capital at the speed with which they operate. In February, they were awarded the Lending Innovator of the Year Award in the inaugural FinTech Business Awards, and are still annually achieving triple-digit growth rates. Propsa also won the Highest Trending Company Award in the Techboard 2017 National Awards and topped the Techboard Ranking of Trending Australian Startups and Young Tech Companies twice in 2017 including in July 2017Robin Block from MitchelLake sat down with Beau to discuss how Prospa is set to change the way Australian b2b lending operates before expanding internationally and into other financial service markets.  


Revolutionising the Consulting Profession: Techboard speaks with Bridget Loudon

Bridget Loudon is an entrepreneur turned management consultant turned entrepreneur, again. In 2013, she co-founded Expert360, a platform that allows companies to find and engage top vetted consulting talent for project work.  Expert360 has more than fifteen-thousand high-quality consultants, has raised more than $18 million in venture funding and is poised to expand internationally. Expert360 came 4th in the Techboard Ranking for JulyMitchelLake’s Robin Block sat down with Bridget to understand the roots of Expert360 and provide insight into how online marketplaces are set to change the world of consulting.

Bridget is speaking at B2BRocks Sydney on 28 September 2017.  Read more about or book tickets to B2BRocks. Techboard has partnered with B2BRocks and will be bringing you more interviews with some of the great presenters who will be presenting at the Conference. Sign up to make sure you don’t miss out on some more great interviews.


Investing in ‘Good Humans’ – Dr. Elaine Stead speaks with Techboard about the future of Venture Capital in Australia

In his latest interview for Techboard Robin Block from MitchelLake sat down with Dr. Elaine Stead to understand the role she sees Blue Sky and herself playing in the future of Australian business.  Elaine is a builder of businesses and Head of Venture Capital at Blue Sky — a venture fund that is at the forefront of Australian Capital Investment.  Last year, Blue Sky secured the management of a $50 million venture fund for the South Australian government. The firm manages over $3 billion in investment across a number of industries.   Elaine is one of many high profile presenters who spoke at the  Startup Investing Conference series which was brought to you by our friends at Capital Pitch in Sydney on 12 September and in Melbourne on 12 October 2017

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Building a Digital Bridge to China: Techboard speaks with Nicolas Chu

Nicolas Chu is the CEO & founder of Sinorbis — a ‘cloud based marketing platform that enables western companies to do digital marketing in China.’ Sinorbis is seeking to both accelerate and capitalise on the rise of Asian consumer markets — working to create a bridge between the world and 751 million Chinese internet users that sit within a unique, highly regulated and difficult to crack online ecosystem.  Founded at the end of 2015, Sinorbis has raised $3.9 million in two rounds of funding and is entering a period of exponential growth. Robin Block from MitchelLake sat down with Nicolas to understand the opportunities and challenges in the Chinese market, and the solutions on offer at Sinorbis.  

Nicholas is speaking at B2BRocks Sydney on 28 September 2017.  Read more about or book tickets to B2BRocks. Techboard has partnered with B2BRocks and will be bringing you more interviews with some of the great presenters who will be presenting at the Conference. Sign up to make sure you don't miss out on some more great interviews

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Bringing Innovation to Venture Capital: Techboard speaks with Jeremy Liddle

In his latest interview for Techboard Robin Block from MitchelLake speaks with Jeremy Liddle. Jeremy is an entrepreneurial problem solver. He co-founded CapitalPitch in 2014 to bring capital access to people looking to change the world. Founded in Australia, CapitalPitch is now poised to create a global platform capable of reinventing venture capital.  In this interview Jeremy explains how CapitalPitch is using a digital platform to change the way startups approach investment.

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What Investors Seek – 8 Lessons from Entrepreneur Investor Rajeev Gupta

This guest post comes to you from our friend Rajeev Gupta, investor and entrepreneur. Rajeev is Partner and Founder of cross-over investment fund Alium Capital Management which has backed many great Australian Startups (including HealthEngine and Unlockd who have topped the Techboard Ranking). In this post Rajeev shares his wisdom and experience from sitting on both sides of the table. Rajeev has also recently joined Techboard's NSW Panel of Experts.

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Three core elements to include in your startup pitch

Our friend Cam Sinclair from Ammo Marketing and a couple of Startups, most recently has put together a great post with tips for pitching for investment.  This article is about fundamentals to convince your audience, not about building pitch decks (that’s for another post).  Cam was the first to respond to our call for guest bloggers or topics put out in a recent Techboard newsletter. Over the coming months Techboard will be bringing insights from a variety of different sorts of investors to its readers. If you have any suggestions as to issues you would like addressed OR if you would like to contribute a guest blog post please contact the Techboard Team.

Pitching your startup to investors can be a daunting experience. You have to convince a room full of decision makers that your little pet project is better than the thousands of other investment options out there. You must compress the highlights of months or years of blood sweat and hard work into a matter of minutes. All while remaining calm, confident and convincing. As a keen tech startup pitch nerd, I have taken part in many of these things (you can see my pitch for here), and watched hundreds of others sweat bullets while trying to persuade a room full of onlookers that their idea is worth considering. (more…)