Funding Event Status

The Techboard have been working hard to maximise its capture of funding secured by Australian Startups. One of the new initiatives we have put in place is to keep an eye on companies who have publicly announced that they are working to secure investment. We have classified these investments either as “Seeking” or “Open” and have added these to the Funding Event Search Engine along with the existing “Completed” funding events.

Completed” refers to a funding event or investment that has been announced as having been secured or completed

Open” describes where a company is in the process of raising and has stated that it has already raised a certain amount (whether or not that amount is specified) or where the company has announced it is looking for funding or has appointed someone to raise funds for it but has not announced that any investor or funder has committed funds to the company’s round; and

Future” is used where the company has announced it will be seeking investment in the near future, and is also used when a company is calling for EOIs for an anticipated equity crowdfunding raise.