KeepSpace Surpases Sales Expectations!

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Announcement Date: 08/05/2020
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As the world is seeing a slump across a range of sectors. Us here at KeepSpace have seen nothing but an increase in order volume capacity. Since the month of February our online sellers have achieved new order records that surpassed their Christmas volumes.

Quarter three is commonly a quieter quarter in trade following after Christmas retail sales. Though due to the virus outbreak it has decreased common retail sales channels placing more volume through online sales activities. This increase has been over 150% from the users of our system.

We do expect a 20% retraction from this spike period but we do not anticipate a back to normalcy approach to online purchasing and that those who have experienced a welcoming service have shown continual intention to reorder from our users which in turns creates more orders through our service.

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About KeepSpace:

KeepSpace is a third party logistics company supporting eCommerce businesses in enabling them to have their eCommerce stores intergrated with KeepSpace so that the requirement of order fulfilment can be completed seemlessly.

KeepSpace online web application allows their users to view their goods, manage their inventory and tracking their orders, from our warehouse locations.

KeepSpace has partnered with Austraila Post, TNT, DHL and Courier Please while attracting early ecommerce businesses that are in the range of a minimum of 5 orders a month to be able to outsource their business operations.

Its KeepSpace intention to grow into China to gain a foothold on the largest ecommerce market in the world to support quality development and product fulfilment nearby the manfactures centres.

You can follow our movements to which we are posting on Facebook moving forward. or check us out at

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