Australian Startups: $160M Raised and $170M in Acquisitions During March Quarter 2017

Startup & Tech Company Funding report for March Quarter Out NOW!!

This is the second funding report we have published, and the first covering the eastern states, so it is an exciting milestone for Techboard. The Report only includes deals announced or confirmed in the January to March 2017 quarter, involving startups and tech companies which are eligible for a listing on Techboard. The scope is currently limited to New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.  In line with Techboard’s plans to take its Startup Ranking fully National, we will also be expanding the coverage of future funding reports to include the remaining Australian states. 

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Innovation Tax Incentive: Techboard Partners with BDO

Techboard is pleased to announce that on the not so long lead up til the end of another tax year we have partnered with BDO to bring the Techboard audience increased guidance on the application of the Innovation Tax Incentive.

BDO have developed a number of documents to help Australian startups, tech companies and investors to self assess for the Innovation Tax Incentive. For an investor they will assist to determine if an investment they have made or are planning to make will entitle them to tax relief and for a company the forms will help them to judge whether they are eligible as a Early Stage Innovation Company which can arm them for discussions with potential investors. 



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Senate Passes Crowd Funding Legislation – Finally

Well Federal Parliament has finally passed Australia’s first equity crowdfunding legislation.

According to Federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison in his Treasurer’s Second Reading Speech for theCorporations Amendment (Crowd-Sourced Funding) Bill 2016 “The Bill forms part of the government’s commitment to help transition the Australian economy from the mining investment boom to a more diversified economy, with broader based growth, and long-term strength and resilience.”

The new legislation enables unlisted public companies with up to $25 million in annual turnover and less than $25 million in gross assets to raise up to $5 million via equity crowdfunding platforms over a 12 month period.  Retail investors will be able to invest up to $10,000 per company in a 12-month period.

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I Want to Bring On Investors, What are the Legal Steps?

This Blog Post comes from Ursula Hogben from LegalVision and was first published on their Site on 6 January 2017. LegalVision have signed up on Techboard as a Problem Solver an have a special offer for Techboard users who will receive a 5% discount on their bill if they get a quote via LegalVision’s Techboard Landing Page.

You’ve made your pitch, shared information about your company and agreed how many shares the investors will receive for what investment. You may have signed a term sheet or agreed to the key details informally. Now, what legal steps should you take to bring on board investors?  Read More

Raising the profile of your startup as part of the capital raising process – from the Archives

This post by Techboard co-founder Peter van Bruchem was first published by our friends at Capital Pitch in November 2016. In the piece Peter highlights the importance of startups investing time in raising their profile even before they are ready to raise capital. 

In this post I explore the importance of investor communications or investor relations for startups and suggest that taking an investor relations style approach before raising capital could be beneficial to a startup. There two main reasons for Startups wanting to raise their profile are customers (finding, acquiring and keeping) and seeking investment. In this piece I will focus on investment and will seek to answer four simple questions Why, When, Where and How. Why take efforts to raise your company’s profile when raising capital? Where, geographically should those efforts be focused? When should a startup start raising their profile and finally how can a startup go about raising their profile?

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Three Approaches for Pitching Angels Investors

Our friend Jeremy Liddle, CEO Capital Pitch has provided this great post on angel investing for us to publish here on Techboard. To read more on Angel investors and angel investing visit Capital Pitch.

Young, new and even struggling businesses are always on the lookout for those opportunities that will change their company. They are tirelessly (standard for entrepreneurs) seeking ways to make their business stronger, more financially stable or opportunities that will take them to the next level. There are many avenues a new company can investigate in this search, and one in particular is making some noise.

Angels, as they are known in the business arena, are private investors who provide their own resources for companies looking to grow. The popularity of angel investors has been steadily increasing globally over the past 20 years. There is even a very popular television program centered on nothing but Angel Investors called the Shark Tank, although this show is NOT a good representation of how to value and invest in a startup! Pitching Angel Investors is not anything like it is shown on television. Despite that, there are some things we can learn from that television program and these are three approaches every company should consider.

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$150 Million in Funding for WA’s Startups and Tech Companies

Techboard has released its first Quarterly Funding Report. With a focus on funding deals involving Western Australian startups and tech companies, the report highlights the diversity of deal types which concluded over the past three months.

WA averaged two deals a week over the period. One third of the 25 total deals were angel or seed rounds for unlisted companies, belying the claims that it is hard for startups to raise money in Perth.

At the larger end of the market the top three deals (in value), which made up 62% of the overall total amount raised, were funded overseas. These included a $43m Canadian bid for a spinout of medicinal cannabis company MMJ Phytotech, and a $34m debt and seed equity round for fintech Enably, funded in the US.

The report only includes deals announced or confirmed in the October to December 2016 quarter, involving startups and tech companies which are eligible for a listing on Techboard.

The report is available for purchase in two forms:
· The Summary Funding Report is available for download for $99 – containing an itemised list of companies, amounts raised and deal types.
· The Detailed Funding Report is available for download for $249 – containing in addition to the above additional information on the company, a description of the funding event and identity of the investors where available.


Comprehensive Report
Summary Report

The ATO’s view of Crowdfunding and Tax

This article by Mark Pollock and Sherif Andrawes from our friends BDO and was first published here.

Crowdfunding is gaining huge popularity across the globe. In Australia interest in the various forms of crowdfunding is increasing rapidly.  Soon we may catch up with the rest of world which means that our tax and corporate legislation will need to catch up too.

Crowdfunding Legislation

Expectations were high earlier this year as Australia appeared poised to enact legislation to improve the environment for equity sourced crowdfunding. However in the midst of election chaos the Bill lapsed at dissolution in the Senate. At the time there did appear to be broad support to move forward on equity sourced crowdfunding legislation.  We should hear more on that later this year.

There has, however, been some progress in tax legislation. The ATO has recently released details on its current view on the tax implications of crowdfunding arrangements with the promise that as the industry expands and new developments arise, they will continue to review and update the information.
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Early Stage Funding Recap: 7 Marketplace Startups That Have Raised A Seed Round in 2016

The team at Techboard are very pleased to bring you this article by Guest Blogger Paul Towers, the founder of one of Techboard’s media distribution partners, Startup Soda.


Australia has a love affair with marketplace startups. We were one of the first countries to see significant adoption of platforms such as eBay and have had our fair share of home-grown success, with the likes of Freelancer, AirTasker and DesignCrowd all gaining mainstream appeal. It is only natural then that Australian entrepreneurs and founders continue to discover new opportunities ripe for disruption using this model.

In this post we focus on seven Australian marketplace based startups that have raised funding in 2016. This ranges from early stage startups still seeking product market fit, to those have raised well into six figures from some of Australia’s top ranked VC’s.

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